Emmy-winning Director of Photography Wolfgang Held has photographed many indie movies and documentary features. Filming all over the globe, Held has been exploring both documentary and fiction filmmaking, in search of authenticity and truth.

His most recent feature credit is O.G. (HBO), starring Jeffrey Wright, which was shot in an active maximum-security prison. The film mixes inmates and actors as its cast. (The New Yorker review). Held photographed Brüno for Sacha Baron Cohen and Larry Charles and The Fourth Estate, a Showtime doc series about the New York Times. He is currently working for Liz Garbus and Alex Gibney on the upcoming Netflix series on the Innocence Project, that incorporates cinema-verite filmmaking and dramatic recreations to tell the stories of those who have been innocently convicted.

Held is the co-founder the Kamerakollektiv, a group of New York cameramen and women who share their love for cinematic, socially-conscious filmmaking.