Netflix: Innocence Project by Alex Gibney, Jed Rothstein, Liz Garbus

Enemies: The President, Justice and the FBI by Alex Gibney

The Forth Estate by Liz Garbus and Jenny Carchman

Before the Flood (partial photography) by Fisher Stevens, Director Leonardo Di Caprio 2016

Most Dangerous Town on the Internet by Daniel Junge 2016

Years of Living Dangerously by Joel Bach, David Belber, James Cameron, Showtime 2014, National Geographic 2016-17

A Path Appears by Producer Maya Chermayeff, PBS 2014

Americans in Bed Director: Phillipa Robinson, HBO summer 2013

The Short Game Director: Joshua Greenbaum  in post 2013 (partial)

Particle Fever Director Mark Levinson, 2013 (Co-DP)

Escape Fire Director: Matthew Heinemann and Susan Froemke Sundance Festival, Theatrical Release 2012, CNN 2013

Broadway or Bust TV documentary series, Producer Lance Shultz PBS 2012

Me at the Zoo Director: Chris Moukarbel and Valerie Veatch. Sundance Festival HBO 2012

Detropia Director: Heidi Ewing and Rachel Grady 2012 (partial)

Half the Sky  Producer Mira Chermayeff, PBS 2012

The Lottery Director: Madeleine Sackler, Academy Award Nominee Theatrical Release 2011

Racing Dreams Director: Marshall Curry PBS 2010 (partial)

Truth in Motion Director: Bret Morgan, NBC 2010 (partial)

I can’t do this but I can do that Director: Ellen Goosenberg HBO 2010

Nova: The Science of Human Emotions Director: Chana Gazit, Jack Youngelson, Jesse Sweet

Jerusalem Center of the World Director: Andrew Goldberg PBS 2009

American Teen Director: Nanette Burstein, Sundance Festival 2008 (partial)

Nimrod Nation Director: Brett Morgan, Sundance channel 2008 (partial)

Journey to The Heart of the World: Tibet’s Lost Paradise  Director: Josh Herrig 2008

Carrier  Director: Deborah Dickson, Icon Pictures PBS Series 2008 (partial) EMMY Award for Best Cinematography

Crazy Love Director: Dan Klores Sundance 2007

Hair: Let the Sunshine In  produced by Pola Rapaport and Wolfgang held Arte French TV 2007

Mad Hot Ball Room Director: Error! Contact not defined.., Paramount Classics, 2006 (partial)

Metallica – Some Kind of Monster Director: Joe Berlinger/ Bruce Sinofsky, 2005 (Co-DP)

Writer of O  produced by Pola Rapaport and Wolfgang Held. Arte French TV, US Theatrical: Film Forum May 2005

Children Underground Director: Edet Belzberg/ HBO Cinemax 2001. Special Jury Prize Sundance 2001, Academy Award Nominee 2002.

Family Secret produced by Pola Rapaport and Wolfgang held Arte French TV 2000. Best Doc of French TV 2001.

Wigstock-The Movie Director: Barry Shils. Samuel Goldwyn Release1998.

Taxicab Confessions – Parts II + III Director: Joe and Harry Gantz. HBO 1996 (partial).

Broken Meat Director: Pola Rapaport. New York 1990. Sundance1991. Best Cinematography Oberhausen Film Fest 1991.

Dramatic Feature Films

O.G. (Original Gangster) Cast: Jeffrey Wright, directed by Madeleine Sackler  (HBO)

Sophie and the Rising Sun Directed by Maggie Greenwald Sundance 2016, Theatrical release early 2017

The Last Keepers Cast: Zosia Mamet, Aiden Quinn, Olympia Dukakis. Director: Maggie Greenwald. 2013

Brüno Cast: Sacha Baron Cohen. Director: Larry Charles 2009

Teeth Cast: Jessica Weixler (Best Actress Sundance 2007) Director: Mitchell Lichtenstein. 2008

Disappearances Cast: Kris Kristofferson. Director: Jay Craven, 2007.

Down in the Valley (2nd Unit Photography) Cast:  Ed Norton, Evan Rachel Wood. Director: David Jacobson 2006.

Poster Boy Director: Zak Tucker. Produced by Dolly Hall. 2005.

Marmalade Director: Kim Dempster. Goldheart Pictures. 2003.

Undermind Cast:  Sam Trammell. Director: by Nevil Dwek. AA Films 2003.

Maze Cast:  Rob Morrow, Laura Linney. Director: Rob Morrow. Goldheart Pictures 2001.

Sam the Man Cast: Fisher Stevens, Annabella Sciorra. Director: Gary Winick. InDigEnt 2000.

The Tic Code Cast: Polly Draper, Gregory Hines. Director: Gary Winick. The Shooting Gallery 1998. Silver Bear Berlin Film Festival 1998, Audience Award Hamptons Film Fest 1998.

Floating Cast: Norman Reedus, Chad Lowe. Director: Bill Roth. Best Cinematography New England Film Festival 1997.

Ripe Cast: Monica Keena, Daisy Eagon. Director: Mo Ogrodnik.  1997

Criminal Director: David Jacobson. Produced and written by Wolfgang Held and David Jacobson 1995.

Commercial Clients(partial)

Wounded Warrior Project campaign 2013/14

Hep C Documentary Project for Jensen 2013/14

Jello TV Commercial Campaign  2009/10

Campbell Soup Commercial Campaign 2003/4

Station Film. Hungry Man, BBDO, Greenstreet Films, Radical Media, Maysles Films, Cabin Creek Films/Barbara Kopple, Michael Moore, Winton Dupont Films, AT&T

MFA FILM Temple University 1992 American Literature FU Berlin, Germany 1988

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